Ortho Massage Therapy
assessment and management of most common Sports & orthopedic conditions with soft tissue mobilization, joint movement and manual resistive techniques

Our therapists provide massage intervention with the goal of achieving specified outcomes that are tailored to address each client's unique needs, presenting issues, preferences. Our integrated outcomes-based philosophy  to soft tissue therapy use systematic and effective approach to restore structural balance throughout the body, improve functional mobility, relief pain and suffering of common musculoskeletal injuries and neuromuscular dysfunctions.To achieve these goals we match each conditions with the appropriate therapeutic effect of specific massage techniques.

We are incensed, insured therapists and highly trained in anatomy, neuromuscular physiology, biomechanic and kinesiology and are dedicated to the principles of evidence-based practice and Outcomes-based massage therapy.

In brief we apply safe and effective manual techniques and self care solution to assess, treat or manage most common musculosketal pain and dysfunction from daily activities, sports injuries and repetitive strains and sprains.


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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